Our Vision

The vision of Trinity CHANGE is to provide persons with physical and/or developmental disabilities the opportunity to create individual and personalized lifestyles, with the support necessary for each person to fully participate in COMMUNITY life as he or she desires. It is based on the belief that each individual has a right to live in a HOME of his or her choice, and no person should be forced to move away from his or her home community or into a setting that is segregated due to the nature and/or severity of any disability. The individual has a right to choose those individuals who assist him/her in meeting personal and/or community based needs.

The primary goal of Trinity CHANGE is to provide the supports and services necessary to assist the person to live the life he or she wants; and to achieve his or her own personal goals. ADAPTATIONS, such as providing a personal attendant to assist with specific tasks, are addressed as part of the transition and ongoing planning process.

Trinity CHANGE is a NON-PROFIT enterprise and another key component of the organization includes accepting donations of goods, services, and funds on behalf of the individuals it serves

Our Mission  

The mission of Trinity CHANGE is for each individual to lead a productive, meaningful life, while remaining close to his or her family, friends, and loved ones, and for each person touched by the agency to benefit from this process; including the individual, family, friends, personal attendants, neighbors, and the community at large. This process is a GROUP endeavor and the benefits will be in direct relationship to the investment of time, energy, and heart provided by everyone involved, including--and especially--the individual!

Lifelong learning is a key component of a rich and fulfilling life; therefore EXPANDING HORIZONS is a major part of the planning and support assessed and put into place for each individual. It is the desire of Trinity CHANGE to facilitate identified changes in services and supports with as much flexibility as current rules and regulations allow, using both formal and informal assessment strategies on an ongoing basis.

The intent of Trinity CHANGE is to share information and resources, and provide mentoring and outsourcing services to increase the number of individuals that are able to receive SLS services in our geographic area. The SLS agency portion of Trinity CHANGE is being created to serve a maximum of 21 individuals in their own homes ; however, it is our intent to train others to create additional SLS agencies (either parent-vendors or additional small agencies) that will grow out of the experience and ongoing development of human resources employed and trained by our agency.

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