" Committed to positively impacting lives, both individually and in the larger community "

What we do

Trinity CHANGE, Inc. provides supported living services to persons with physical and/or developmental disabilities, allowing each person we support to create an individual and personalized lifestyle with the support necessary to fully participate in their respected community life.

Trinity CHANGE will form a partnership with each participant (persons with developmental and/or physical disabilities and their friends/family/supporters), providing the support and services that assist and empower them to live the life they desire and to achieve their own personal goals. Each person we support will live their life instead of being in a program.

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Our clients love us

"Trinity Change let's me live my life, my way!"

- Carl (San Jose, CA)

"Trinity Change is like family, their staff are always there to help."

- Mathew (San Jose, CA)

"I love Trinity Change."

- Chris (San Jose, CA )

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