Trinity CHANGE, Supported Living Services is a 501(c)3 organization that relies on donations to meet the mission and vision of our organization.

What will my donation to Trinity CHANGE, Inc. support?

Erin helping enrich Chris' experiences

1. Advocacy and Education

Trinity CHANGE is making a difference in the lives of our clients, their families, our employees, and the surrounding communities, but we need to remain active in advocating for the rights of all persons with disabilities to live in the community and enjoy fulfilling and integrated lives with the rest of society. These efforts are funded solely by individual contributions and private donations.

In addition, our staff makes themselves available to meet with parents and others interested in becoming individual vendors by providing mentoring, counseling and practical tools to help them establish these services while providing quality supports. Also, we are invited to provide speakers for various organizations to share general information about supported living services and the opportunities that are available through this living arrangement in local communities. These efforts are also funded by donations.

2. Client Enrichment

The majority of our clients are living within a budget of $845 per month (SSI), and virtually all are unable to find any extra money in their monthly budget to experience events and activites in their local communities due to cost constraints. Our staff works hard to find free and discounted events and activities, but sometimes there is no replacement for the specific event that our client is wanting to experience. Donations targeted toward client enrichment are put into a special fund to allow us to honor specific requests for individual clients and provide funding for a support person to accompany those clients that require additional assistance to experience the event.

Chris and Erin enjoying a farm outing

3. Employee Development

While San Andreas Regional Center funds hourly for direct service for our clients, there is little money allotted in our budget for employee development beyond minimal training requirements such as first aid/CPR and general information about supported living principals and practices. Our goal is to provide our employees and other interested parties in the community with additional training in person centered planning, supervisory skills, and best practices in providing quality caregiving and teaching and mentoring skills. These programs will become possible with your support.

4. Mentoring New Agencies

Part of our original business model is to allow for the growth of supported living services by spinning off new agencies from the mentoring and training within our current organization. We desire to equip others to provide services to more clients, rather than growing beyond our current capacity. By "spinning off" new agencies, we provide a practical and financial leg up to individuals interested in starting their own agencies. We know the need for these services is great and will increase as more young people reach adulthood and desire to establish lives of their own in the community. These mentoring efforts also need your support in order to be funded.

Where do we get our funding?

In addition to generous contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations, a portion of the funding for Trinity CHANGE, Inc. comes from the following source: San Andreas Regional Center

San Andreas Regional Center is a community-based private nonprofit corporation that is funded by the State of California to serve people with developmental disabilities, as required by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act. San Andreas Regional Center is one of 21 Regional Centers throughout the state of California and serves residents of Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties.

Monetary Donations

If you would like to help us provide our valuable service by making a monetary donation, you may do directly to the address below.

Please make check payable to:
Trinity CHANGE, Inc.
835 Blossom Hill Rd, Suite 116
San Jose CA 95123
(408) 440-1441

Your generous donation will help us continue to support our clients and provide them the ability to be part of the greater Santa Clara community.