Trinity CHANGE, Inc is committed to advocate with the people we support for justice, inclusion, and full community participation.

Some of the key elements of our advocacy efforts include:

Advocacy Resources

Living as a part of the community

Disability Rights California (DRC)
Website Information:
Bay Area Regional Office
1330 Broadway, Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 267-1200

Clients' Rights Advocate/San Andreas Regional Center
Rita Difilippis, CRA
Phone: (408) 374-2470

Mandated Reporter

All Caregivers and staff affiliated with Trinity CHANGE are considered Mandated Reporters.

California Law, under section WIC 15630(a) of the Welfare & Institution Code provides for mandatory reporting of physical abuse, neglect, self neglect, sexual abuse, mental suffering, financial abuse, isolation, abandonment or abduction of a dependent adult when:

Any signs of abuse should be reported to Adult Protective Services. In Santa Clara County, you can call to make a report of abuse or discuss your concerns at (408) 975-4900 or 1-800 414-2002.